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                                             Client Testimonials


My husband and I have been going to Jo for 4 years now. We started going for our anniversary. We liked her so much that now, getting a 60 minute massage from Jo is our 'gift' to each other for all special occasions. Jo is extremely professional. She's highly knowledgeable about the human body and has many times offered valuable tips and exercises to be done at home to help alleviate pain. It's apparent that Jo takes pride in her business and values her clients. She's just amazing. 

Ronda S.

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" I've been seeing Jo for about a year now, and shes been chasing the "stress knots" throughout various parts of my body. We started with the neck and shoulders, then they moved to the scapula area and then under my rib cage. Two months ago (November) she used the LUK PRA KOB compresses on me and I couldn't believe how I felt. I was totally relaxed mentally and physically. I schedule my massages on Fridays and this feeling lasted through most of the weekend. When I went for my monthly massage in December, the "stress knots" had not returned. After that massage I felt even better than I did in November-I describe it as "Gumby with no wires". I searched a long time and went to many massage therapists to achieve this feeling. I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!!! JO ROCKS"

Tammy E.

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“Jo is a great massage therapist that really cares about her clients. She listens well to my needs and desires during an appointment. I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a great massage!”

Kyle S. 

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 I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia/Arthritis. No matter how much pain I have prior to my appointment, I feel great relief after my massage from Jo. She has great knowledge and expertise in how the muscles in our body work. I would highly recommend Jo to everyone.

Janis F.

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"I just tried the new service offered at Jo Hannah's Haven called LUK PRA KOB. I go to Jo at least once a month for an hour deep tissue massage. Years of sitting at a desk working on a computer and 3 back surgeries have left me in constant pain. Without Jo's monthly massage I can't even move my shoulders or neck or back..

So when she offered this new service I was anxious to try it hoping to get even better results from just the regular massage and I was not disappointed. The massage along with the heat and the herbs left me feeling the best I have felt in years. And the results lingered on and on. I was not only relaxed, pain free but I have sinus problems and for the first time I could actually breathe thru the whole massage without having to clear my sinuses.

It was AMAZING.. So if you are looking for something that is a bit different but wonderful I would try out LUK PRA KOB. You will not be disappointed."

 Sharon E.