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Thai Herbal Compress

Amazing Service Offered at Jo Hannahs Haven

Which Can Be Added To Any Table Massage

(24 Hour Notice Required)




Pain relief treatment originating in Thailand over 400 years ago. Herb filled* cotton cloth compresses custom made by Jo will be steamed and used throughout your table massage both through a sheet and directly to your skin as they cool down. 




The essential oils and heat from the herbs get absorbed into the clients body with numerous resulting benefits. The benefits include: increased lymph and blood circulation; smoothes, softens and conditions the skin; rejuvenation and deep relaxation; soothes tense or overworked muscles; helps clear lungs and sinuses. The many results are due to the anti-inflammatory, anti bacterial and local analgesic properties of the herbs.



Luk Pra Kob is not for everyone especially those with skin sensitivity to heat or chemicals or allergies to any of the herbs listed below. (Please note that a few of the ingredients are packaged on equipment that also packages peanuts and tree nuts) Luk Pra Kob is not recommended on recent burns, cuts, sensitive scars or varicose veins. It is also not recommended for those with diabetes or high blood pressure.




bringing older, dark clothing to wear afterwards just in case there is light staining on your skin from the herbs

waiting 24 hours after body hair removal to avoid any recent cuts

refrain from showering for 4-8 hours afterwards to allow the maximum effects of the herbal compounds

if possible, plan on not doing a whole lot of anything afterwards, except relaxing and getting a great night’s sleep :>)



Yellow Ginger (Krachai) *** Galangal *** Lemongrass *** Ginger Root *** Tumeric *** Peppermint *** Tamarind *** Pandanus (Boi Toei) *** Thai Basil *** Burdock Root *** Eucalyptus Leaves *** Cinnamon Chips *** Comfrey *** Bay Leaves ***



* See our testimonial page for client's comments on their Luk Pra Kob treatment *